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Reap the Benefits of Low-Cost Private Medical Insurance and Cash Plans

Your health and the health of your family is very important, and Private Medical Insurance and Cash Plans can be a great way to get various treatments without having to wait months. Kevin Sewell Mortgages (KSM) who offer more than mortgages, can help you find a plan that matches your needs and those of family members, or your business personnel.   Their passion is for clients to have the most suitable cover at competitive premiums. 

What is Private Medical Insurance and Cash Plans?

Private Medical Insurance  and Cash Plans provide a specific amount of money for a wide range of medical treatments.  A specific amount of money is allocated to the plan holder for the costs incurred; for example for a day of treatment/or a specific procedure.  The cost of private medical insurance and cash plans can be spread economically with convenient monthly payments.  You’re basically ensuring you can have future treatments when you need them.  You would pay for the treatment upfront and then reclaim back a percentage of the costs up to a certain pre-determined maximum, depending on your plan.  For example if you need dental work and it cost £200, you could get 75% back = £150.  There are also NHS Top Up cash plans that are very affordable too.

There are many private medical insurances and cash plans on the market and KSM will guide and provide you with illustrations that are based on your individual circumstances.  KSM can take the pain out of searching endlessly, instead let them take the strain!  

Typical benefits of Private Medical Insurance and Cash Plans 

*Get prior authorisation from the insurer before undergoing any treatments or operations.  You would feel secure knowing you’re covered by the Plan and would not have to wait a long time before treatment.

* Get coverage for optical and dental treatments.  One of the major benefits of private medical insurance and cash plans is the ease in getting optical and dental treatments. p In fact, even check-ups and consultations can be covered. Getting orthodontics and glasses can also be covered.

* Pre-existing conditions.  It is possible to get private medical insurance and cash plans for those with some existing health conditions and also older applicants, depending on certain situations and conditions.

Private medical insurance and cash plans are a reassuring, useful and helpful way to get medical treatments especially in today’s economic climate. 

Contact us for more information and/or personal illustrations:  Tel: 01252 783020.