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Medical Insurance - For UK Residents

We source from one of the few not-for-profit organisations offering affordable healthcare insurance who make sure their customers understand how they can maximise the benefits from the scheme.  Our goal is to provide affordable, flexible health insurance plans for families, individuals, professionals, the self-employed, and businesses – both large and small.

There are many reasons why people select this organisation as their healthcare provider, but these are the 3 most commonly quoted:

  • Immediate access to over 650 UK hospitals & the 23,000 consultants associated.  This means
    • you are treated quickly, at a time and in a location convenient to you
    • you have freedom of choice regarding your consultant
  • Policyholders are not penalized by raising premiums, if they make a claim
    • This means it is easier to plan and budget for your cover
  • A track record of providing exemplary service that is second to none

In addition to providing traditional private medical insurance that covers the cost of planned medical treatment, their plans also allow clients to be reimbursed for dental expenses, glasses, contact lenses, health screening costs and various treatments including chiropody, physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic & homoeopathy.  This means clients can be confident they can both receive fast treatment for cancer, hip replacements and other similar serious conditions when needed and also see real benefits from their policies year-on-year by receiving cashback for everyday medical expenses.

Policy holders are not penalised for making a claim, so multiple claims can be made each year, without it affecting their premium.

For people who have expensive dental treatments and optician bills to pay, by taking out a NHS Top-up Plan from as little as £8 a month, customers can claim cash back for dental, optical and other healthcare expenses – even NHS car parking.

If you would like further information please contact us.