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Let Us Help You Get a Florida Mortgage

In recent years, obtaining a Florida mortgage has been more stringent than it used to be but the good news is that getting a mortgage to buy property in Florida is still a great option.  In fact there are bargains to be had and the market is beginning to move upwards again.  Kevin Sewell Mortgages (KSM) have vast experience in obtaining mortgages for people wishing to buy a property in this beautiful and popular sunshine state.  Soon you could be owning a property in the sunshine and get away from rainy days and grey skies!

There is a lot to do getting a mortgage for any property, but especially for getting a mortgage for an overseas property.  Often people don’t really know where to start looking and what the procedures are.   However KSM are fully competent in dealing with all kinds of mortgages for properties in Florida.  Repayment mortgages where you pay off capital and interest at the same time are currently only available.  Loan to values (LTV’s) depend on the type of property, location and the clients’ individual situation.    KSM ensure you get the best possible mortgage rate for your new Florida home or rental home.  Because of their experience and contacts with Florida Lenders, they can offer customers a great service and find a Florida mortgage to suit your budget. 

A new Florida home is within your reach

Florida is an ideal area as it is warm with a temperate climate, has regular flights and offers so much to see and do for all the family.  This destination meets many different client needs, ages and lifestyles. Many owners now have their second home there.  Families love the atmosphere and there are lots of things to do including fun theme parks and sandy beaches. Couples of all ages flock there for holidays and the wonderful environment.  Another popular reason for buying a home in Florida is that it is a great retirement destination. Many opt to live there year round or for part of the year and rent out to friends family or to others.  In Florida there is an active expat community that thrives and is very active.  Pastimes that are popular include golf, scuba diving, walking, environmental and wildlife tours.

Kevin Sewell Mortgages source mortgages for Floridian homes and will work with you to obtain the mortgage to get your dream home.   The minimum mortgage is US$50,000.  KSM have assisted many customers to find mortgages to purchase properties in Florida.  Their main aim at the end of the day is that you go away feeling satisfied and that they care about your needs and requirements.  Kevin Sewell Mortgages work with you to provide the best mortgage package available to you.   You can read testimonials on their website:

Allow Kevin Sewell Mortgages to be part of your Florida mortgage journey.

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